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    There is a lot of information in this email, so please take a moment and read through it.

    It's time for our first swim meet! We are swimming on Thursday (tomorrow) at home against Waterford Green. They are a great team and we are excited to have them. This is our first time having to follow Covid protocols.  The very first thing I am going to ask of you is PLEASE BE PATIENT!  Your kids will feed off of your energy, so let's make tomorrow FUN

    Where: Our Pool, 4421 Waterbury drive.  We will be tailgating outside of the pool deck, so please bring chairs, tables, blankets, etc to be comfy.  The bottom half of the parking lot will be closed, so plan on a short walk to the pool.  

    When: Our warm ups begin promptly at 5:00 so please plan on arriving no later than 4:45. The meet will officially begin at 6 and will finish around 9:30.

    Parking: there is limited parking at the pool, so please park on the pool side/sidewalk side of the street ONLY.

    What to bring: wear your swim team suits, goggles, chairs, towels, sweatshirts (it might be cold by the end of the meet for the kids), money for concessions-Concession sales are how we make money so please bring some to spend.

    Concessions: Chick-fil-A sandwiches, Medium family sized pizza (no individual slices), candy, chips, Ice cream, and drinks. Come hungry!  Concessions is how we make our money

    Swim Caps: We will supply everyone with a swim cap tomorrow morning during practice. If your child is not used to swimming in a cap, let them know that they will be wearing one, so they are prepared.

    Weather: ALWAYS come to the meet, no matter the weather. It won't rain tomorrow, but just remember this season if it's raining, we WILL have the meet in the rain. The kids have a blast in the rain, just be prepared and bring extra towels.

    Volunteers: If you are signed up to volunteer for this meet, you should have received an email with your assignment. If you cannot come, it is YOUR responsibility to get someone to cover your shift. The referee will host a 5 minute "how to" a few minutes before the meet begins. We need all hands on deck to run these meets.

    General Swim Meet info: If this is your first season, don't be overwhelmed, just grab a more experienced family (or me) and feel free to ask questions.

    Coach Isabelle will post the PRELIMINARY line up Thursday morning on a bulletin board by the door. Come in at practice and take a look and let us know if there should be any changes (out of town, injured, etc), the line up is subject to change. We will be there to answer questions. If you have a little one, don't worry, they will get across the pool, it just might take a minute. It's great to see the whole team cheer for them!

    We will send out a final line up mid-afternoon on Wednesday. Once received, you will write with a sharpie, your child's events on their arms, and their name and age on their back (yes, I'm serious) That way if your child is not where they are suppose to be on the pool deck, we can find them and get them where they need to be.

    DIFFERENT DURING COVID: During the meet, the event and heat will be updated on the board. We will have 2 bull pens plus the kids on deck.  Please be super aware of the events, we don't have time to hunt down your kids to make sure they don't miss their event.  For reference, lane 1 is closest to the cabana, lane 6 is closest to the slide.  We will do our best to help the kids get where they belong.  Unfortunately, parents are NOT allowed on deck to watch your kid swim.  You can stand by the fence up top to watch.  (5/6 year old parents CAN come in with their kids)

    Once your child is done with their events you are welcomed to leave (especially if you have young ones) but please do not leave before all of your events are finished. If you leave early, especially for relays, it will mess up the meet for your teammates.

    Fabulous Fun Friday! Friday morning we will meet for donuts and ribbons at our normal time! Be sure to get your child out of bed and to the pool for some fun celebrations!

    Swimsuits We will hand them out tomorrow morning during practice.  I apologize for the last minute!

    T-shirts: The shirts are in! I will try to hand those out tomorrow too during practice.  I would love some help to get them passed out.

    Please don't be afraid to ask questions, you can always text me at 404-483-8657.

    Thanks and Go Hurricanes!!


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